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    Due to the emergence of the Coronavirus, if you have cold and flu symptoms, and have recently travelled overseas OR believe you may be at risk of the Coronavirus, please DO NOT come into the practice. Please call reception on 4962 1996 for advice.
    If you have cold and flu symptoms but are otherwise not at risk of the Coronavirus, please STILL PHONE AHEAD of your appointment for advice.
    For further advice, please call the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 202 080, or the Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.
    For further information please see the following Department of Health website links regarding Coronavirus and answers to frequently asked questions 

  • Mindsource Psychology & Counselling is a private psychology practice located on Hudson Street in Hamilton. We are a team of skilled and experienced Psychologists & a Clinical Psychologist, who provide a range of psychological services to adolescents and adults presenting with a broad range of areas.

    At Mindsource we place a strong emphasis on providing quality treatment in a supportive, friendly and professional environment and on fostering a healing and caring relationship during therapy.  

    We provide a client-centered solution-focused approach aimed at meeting each client’s psychological and lifestyle goals to help each client achieve healthy psychological functioning and wellbeing.

    Please take some time to have a look through our website or contact us to ask any further questions or to book an appointment. You can contact us via this link, or on 02 4962 1996 or admin@officesonhudson.com.au